Tecniche Speciali di Programmazione

Anno Accademico 2021-22


The September exam has been postponed of 1 day to the 8th.

Due to a lack of available rooms the June exam has been postponed of 1 day to the 22nd.

The lecture on Monday 17th of January has been canceled. Next lecture will be on Tuesday 18th at usual time in room λ.

The second midterm is scheduled on Tuesday 25th of January at 9:30 in rooms Ω and σ (the meeting place is in front of room Ω).

The lecture of the Tuesday 18th of January will be in room λ.

The lectures will end on Tuesday 18th of January. To speed up the course we will also have an extra lecture on Monday 17th of January at 1pm in aula magna.

I've added an exercise about byte code engineering and stressed that the one about the dynamic call graph should be made via byte code engineering.

The first midterm is set for December 14th. Remember to enroll through SIFA/UNIMIA before the end of November.

Lessons will start on Tuesday, September 28th at 9:30am in the room δ. Lessons will always start at 9:30am.

Remember the lectures are in presence. In case streaming is needed (e.g., for ill or quarantined students) this will be on the laboratory discord channel. This will be an unattended (one way) screen sharing from my device. The recording is not allowed. To get to the discord channel use this invitation, register with your full name and if you are attending more than one of my courses register to each of them. People enrolled to the channel that are not in the list of those enrolled to the course will be kicked.

Office Hours for Students

Since January the office hours will be on appointment and on discord.



Date and Time Room
December 14, 2021 h9:30-11:30 δ
January 25, 2022 h9:30-11:30 Ω/σ

Remember to enroll to the midterm through SIFA/UNIMIA.


Date and Time Room
January 31, 2022 h9:30-13:30 Ω/σ/δ
February 24, 2022 h9:30-13:30 Ω/σ
June 22, 2022 h9:30-13:30 Ω/σ/λ
July 14, 2022 h9:30-13:30 Ω/δ/γ
September 8, 2022 h9:30-13:30 Σ

Note. to access both the midterm and the exam you have to be enrolled to them through the SIFA.

Note. the exam sessions will be defined time after time in agreement with the professor and not more than 5 a year.

Course Materials and Other Resources



Exam Formalities.

The exam is written (at the computer). Each session proposes two exercises:

Each exercise can be substituted by a midterm exam. The midterms are two, 1 for every course's part, and if passed (with a grade of 9 or more) they hold for the whole academic year. The midterms are independent of each other, so if you fail one of them you can do the next one: the failed midterms can be caught up in the exam sessions. You are STRONGLY encouraged to follow and prepare the midterms.

The final mark corresponds to the sum of the marks each exercise. This when both exercises are passed.

Hands-on Lessons.

Exercises to do in the hands-on lessons (room δ). Note this basically helps in preparing the midterms/exams.

Note, the solutions to the exercises I did in the recorded hands-on sessions are available in a SVN repository accessible at:


The credentials to access the repository are the same you use to access the password protected content on this page.

Walter Cazzola



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